Arizona Cardinals

They have rules

The Cardinal Rules

Atlanta Falcons

Tripped up offenders

Tripped up is Fall. Cons are offenders. Fall Cons.

Baltimore Ravens

I really like their behinds!

Saying "I really like" is to Rave. "Behinds" is Ends. Rave Ends

Buffalo Bills

Bad mail

Bad Mail would be a Bill. At least I don't like to get them.

Carolina Panthers

Horizontally viewed after Weds.

To look across the horizon is to pan. Day after Weds. is Thurs. Pan Thurs.

Chicago Bears

Streakers do!

A Streaker Bares All! Bares.

Cincinnati Bengals

used to be a woman

Used to = has been. A woman is a gal. Been Gal.

Cleveland Browns

As it bakes

It Browns as it bakes.

Dallas Cowboys

1/2 bovine 1/2 man

Bovine = Cow. Half man = Boy.

Denver Broncos

Strong company leaders

Strong is Brawn. Head of companies are CO's. Brawn CO's.

Detroit Lions

Opposite of stand offs

An opposite of Stand is Lie. Opposite of offs is ons. Lie Ons.

Green Bay Packers

Relocation help

Packers help you to move. (That's all there good for anyway! LOL!) Snuck in another Packer Bashing Joke!

Houston Texans

JR was one

JR got shot on the show Dallas. He was a Texan. 2001 expansion.

Indianapolis Colts

Six shooters

Colt guns that held 6 bullets

Jacksonville Jaguars

To prick a fight

To prick is to Jag. Fights are Wars. Jag Wars.

Kansas City Chiefs

Highest enlisted

Chief Master Sergeants or the Chief on a ship is the highest enlisted grade in the military. Chiefs

Miami Dolphins

Toy scuba gear

Dolls are Toys. Fins are part of scuba gear. Doll Fins.

Minnesota Vikings

6 suicidal hoyles

Roman numeral VI = 6. Hoyle is a playing card company. The Suicidal Playing card is the King of Hearts. VI Kings.

New England Patriots

Buy wood for nothing!

When you buy you Pay. Wood is from Trees. Ought is a term for nothing. Pay Tree Ought.

New Orleans Saints

Peter and Paul

Peter and Paul were Saints in the Bible.

NY Giants

Private is my Uncle's wife

Private is a GI term for an Army rank. Uncles wife is an Aunt. GI Aunt.

NY Jets

Liquid squirting

The fluid jets out of the hose. Jets

Oakland Raiders

Sunlit entry ways

The Sun gives off Rays. Entry ways are doors. Ray Doors

Philadelphia Eagles

They own a Radisson in LA

The Radisson is a HOTEL chain. LA is Los Angelos, CA. Hotel California is a popular song by the Band the "Eagles"

Pittsburgh Steelers


Obvious isn't it?

San Diego Chargers

Burnt trial citizens

Something burnt is charred. Trial citizens are jurors. Char Juror.

San Francisco 49'ers

7 balanced meals

A balanced meal is called a square meal. 7 squared = 7 times 7 = 49.

Seattle Seahawks

View the bird

View is to See. A Hawk is a Bird. See Hawk.

St. Louis Rams

Bumper to bumper

If he touched his bumper to your bumper, you were Rammed!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

$1.00 for corn

$1.00 is a buck. Corn comes in ears. Corn is therefor a Buck an Ear.

Tennessee Titans

As the nut turns

When you turn a nut it can only do 2 things. It Loosens or it Tightens.

Washington Redskins

 Hot Epidermis

Hot Epidermis, derm = skin. Hot Skin is Red Skin.

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