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We can get the word out if all Viking fans and sports fans pull together. You don't even have to be a Vikings fan, just an NFL football fan to know that Jim Marshall belongs in the Hall of Fame. His record is truly unbelievable and any sports fan having any knowledge of the game what so ever, can clearly see and relate to this drive for Jim Marshall.
Vikings Mania is a true site for the fans - Lets have the fans make a difference.
Let's do this together and in a respectful manner.
So, to all of the Sports Fans, NFL Football Fans, Vikings Fans and fans of Jim Marshall - We Thank You!

Jim Marshall Day
November 28th, 1999 was proclaimed Jim Marshall Day by the Minnesota Vikings Organization and Govenor Jesse Ventura. Jim Marshall wore #70 for the Minnesota Vikings and that number is now retired and up on the Wall of Fame. I was at the ceremony and I took 70 photos as a tribute to Jim and all of his great accomplishments. I hope you will take some time to view these photos and celebrate this day with Jim and the 66,000+ fans who attended the game that day.

Click Here to see Jim Marshall Day!

Jim Langer
A Hall of Fame Member, inducted in 1987, wrote a letter about Jim Marshall and what it was like playing against him. Click here to see this letter! It's truly fascinating!
It is remarkable that Jim Marshall has never been voted on to be a member of the NFL's Hall of Fame. 282 games without missing a single one! Over 300 including playoff games! 20 NFL Seasons! PLAYED EVERY GAME! INCREDIBLE! 

A group of dedicated fans and Vikings Mania have put together an official drive to see that The NFL's Greatest Iron Man gets his day that is so well deserved. 

We will give you all the information you need to make an informed contribution to this worthy cause. If you are truly a Sports Fan, A Fan of the NFL, a Minnesota Viking Fan, and especially a Fan of Jim Marshall, then please help this great cause by reading about Jim Marshall's accomplishments and letting the Hall of Fame voters know how you feel.
The fact that Jim has not been elected into the Hall of Fame has gone on long enough. Now is the time to get Jim Marshall into the NFL Hall of Fame. His uniform is already there and on display! It has been for years now! The NFL Hall of Fame acknowledges Jim's accomplishments. Why else would they have his uniform on display? But we need the voters to do so as well. That's the only way to get in. We will set up an email address for you to mail your thoughts to, give you phone numbers to call and addresses to send mail the old fashioned way. We have to use all of the contact routes for this to work. Most of the voters do not have email addresses. Our goal is to get them to listen to our cause and ultimately elect Jim Marshall into the Hall of Fame. Thank You.

Jim Marshall Display at the Hall of Fame

Above is an autographed Jim Marshall 8 x10 and a photo of the Jim Marshall display at the Hall of Fame.

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Also - Jim Allgren  "The Steel Valley Viking", lives near the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio and would like everyone to know that they will be at the ceromony holding up Vikings Banners. They would like to get together with other Vikings Fans there to help show support. It would be nice he said to get as many fans there as possible together so they will have alot of people to help hold up banners and get some attention from the media cameras, which last year, the banner they had, did make it on ESPN. The more the merrier, so if you are planning a trip to Canton, email The Steel Valley Viking.

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